Hi! We're Simone and Peter, the founders of Symbi. We started Symbi in early 2014 after Simone's college roommate struggled to find a place to live before her lease ran out. We envisioned using the power of data to match people together based on compatibility.

We believe that the roommate-finding experience can be fun and friendly, rather than stressful, imposing, and downright sketchy. 
We've been working hard ever since to deliver a new experience to roommate-seekers where they can find a compatible match quickly and safely.

After working on Symbi for many months as a side project, we decided to move to New York to pursue Symbi full-time. We've been coding and eating delicious bagels ever since! Mmm, bagels.


Simone Kalmakis

Co-founder, CEO

Simone graduated from Yale in Math and Economics and worked at Microsoft for five years. She was a Senior Program Manager Lead on the Bing Core Ranking team at Microsoft, improving Bing’s core search relevance engine using machine-learned and rule-based algorithms.

After moving to NYC, Simone joined the engineering team at Curalate, focused on metrics calculations and reporting. She is now a Senior Engineer at Flatiron Health, working on extracting structured information out of unstructured data in oncology documents.

In her free time, Simone does CrossFit and comes up with puns. And they're always just punderful!

Peter Kalmakis

Co-founder, CTO

Peter graduated from Brown in Computer Science and worked at Microsoft for four years. He was a Software Engineer at Xbox Live, building large-scale distributed services, powering social interactions, real-time experiences, and big-data analytics.

Peter also plays professional Ultimate Frisbee for the NY Empire. He likes naps and coffee. In that order.

Chris Kocher

User Growth Guru

Chris graduated from GW with a major in Marketing. He moved to the Big Apple to take a sales job with HomeAdvisor. He started working at Symbi in order to stop his friends' constant whining about their roommates.

Chris plays competitive Ultimate Frisbee and recently got 2nd place at a shuffleboard tournament. He will take on any shuffleboard challengers, and remember that the #stakesaresteaks.

Lily Barrett

Social Media Maven

Lily graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in English. Since then, she's dabbled in news reporting, teaching, and politics, among other things.

In her free time, she runs a weekly writing circle, takes coding classes, and eats cookie butter straight out of the jar.

Sara Traband

Graphic Design Dynamo

Sara is the newest member of Symbi, as a rising college senior working towards a Graphic Design degree. She came to New York City from Southern California to work as the Art Department Intern for Oprah Magazine before joining the Symbi team.

Sara likes running, both for exercise and as a way to continue eating her way through New York City.

Give us a shout!

We’d love to hear from you with any feedback, ideas, press opportunities, or puns. You can reach us at hello@symbi.nyc.

Thanks, and we hope you love using Symbi as much as we enjoy building it!


The Symbi Team